Event management and planning
Planning an event or need help getting started? I can help you do some research, build your guest list, create and send invites, collect RVSP’s, promote via your social media accounts and manage PR. I can even help with promotional material; creating posters or invites for sending online or researching printing and distribution costs.

Social media management
Social media is fast paced and allows you to interact with your clients and business communities in real time and in their time. It’s easy to get so involved in online activity, that you don’t have time to design and make that next product or work on your next business steps; leaving you with nothing to offer. Striking that balance can be difficult, but with a little help, you can free up some time to focus on the business side of things. We can work together to decide your campaigns and important promotional content and I can take the reins in your virtual world whilst you take care of other pressing tasks.

Email Marketing
Need a new way to communicate with your customers? Why not delve into email marketing. I can help to collect sign ups and design and co-ordinate email campaigns to suit you, your business and your projects.

Online shop/product upload
You have worked hard on creating beautiful handmade products, taken lovely photos, decided on a price point and now you are ready to sell. Uploading your products, photos and descriptions takes time and this time can be better spent fulfilling orders and making more items to sell. Let me get these uploaded for you, freeing up your time.

One off projects
Do you have a one off project coming up and require an extra pair of hands? Large or small; give me a call.

Spreadsheets, data entry and management
Do you have a pile of business cards from the last few networking events you attended, client details written down all over the shop or a list of products jotted down with their description? How great would it be to work with an efficient system? If you don’t have the time, let me help! I can put those business card details into a spread sheet or straight into your email contacts, create a database of your clients or products that works for you and much more.

Presentations and document preparation
A pile of content with a list of ideas? I can help you turn that overwhelming pile of information into usable and great looking documents or presentations. Maybe you require personalised templates for use when you need them. Let’s have a chat and see what I can do to help.

Proof reading
Let me be your ‘fresh pair of eyes’ and check those important documents, essays and dissertations for typos.

Copy typing and copywriting
Fan of pen and paper but need those documents, letters, essays and dissertations typed up? Get in touch if you need that copy typing taken off your hands. I can also write content where required for literature or online.

Need a bit of research for a blog post, product, business idea? Maybe you have a trip coming up and you need to research the area, flights or accommodation and just can’t spare the time. I can give you a hand with that and prepare a document with all the info you need.

General admin
Is that pile of paper work getting you down? Need a filing system? Does that pile of receipts need sorting out and put into a spread sheet? Delegate those general admin tasks that are slowly building up to a bigger job than you have time for.

Need to design an invoice? Want a way to keep a log? Do you have invoices to be sent out or chased up? Get in touch to discuss how I can help.