Addict or Virtual Assistant

Hello, my name is Juliet and I am a VA. Yes, yes I know it sounds a lot like “Hello, my name is Juliet and I am a (insert addiction of choice here), because being a VA can be an all-consuming addiction, and no that does not mean we all drink wine or Gin and Tonic from 2pm (we are all tea total, obviously 😃).

What an addict and a VA have in common with each other are support groups, support groups, support groups. And then there are the steps; just a different kind of steps.

So, let’s take the obvious; AA.

AA have a number of support groups to assist with giving up the demon drink 😊 The obvious is Alcoholics Anonymous but others include Alcohol Concern, Rainbow Trust, and Alcohol Issues. But wouldn’t you want to use the best.

The internet is awash with support groups and how to groups for VA’s. So, so many – how do you choose the best? Think you don’t need a support group? If you were an addict you could not give up the addiction without help/support. What makes you think you can be a VA without one either?

Aren’t other VA’s the competition? Won’t they try and steal your ideas/clients? No and no.

Other VA’s can provide a useful sounding board to your ideas and ways of working. They can help you solve a problem you are having issues with or find a better workaround for something.

But what support group to choose. That one over there that promises you can make £5000 per month after a 5 day training course; or what about this one that gives you a training course for free but you then have to pay to join the forums.

But just like AA there is a VA support group that helps you flourish and grow your business. It does not promise £5000 per month but it makes you set realistic targets. It is raising the bar for VA rates and promises to ensure that VA’s are seen for what they are; business owners in their own right and assisting SME’s and entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.

Who or what is this support group? VIP VA is that support group. They are raising industry standards and provide master classes to enable VA’s take on extra training – for a small fee. If you are a member rather than using the free part of the group, the founder, Charlotte Wibberley also takes time to match you with clients that come on board. Charlotte also provides one to one sessions to help you take your business to the next level and she always has time to talk to anyone who just needs to rant !

So, come take a look at VIP VA – the only thing you have to lose is a better business !

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